The Types of Software

Application software

An application is said to be a set of computer programs that are designed to allow the user to be able to perform a couple of coordinated functions, activities and tasks. Application software can’t run on itself as it is dependent on system software for execution. Examples of application are a spreadsheet design, a word processor, and also a management system,

The Examples of the types of software include media players, accounting software, as well as office suites. Most application programs deal principally with the documents. Applications are bundled with the computer & its system software or maybe published separately. It may also be coded for example open-source, proprietary or projects of the university projects.

Other examples are sole game, painting, and the illustrating system, or the library management system. Application software is worth having or using due to effectiveness and efficiency.


Free application software

In the computers, it is same as with the software. Most software is usually distributed without the recipe (known as a source code). It is a forbidden thing to attempt to comprehend the workings and ways of functioning of the program. It is a called a proprietary software. One may not be able to share it with friends, and also may not be able to make any modifications to enable adapting of the software to personal or specific needs of the user.

On the other hand, the free software application comes with or grants the user many freedoms:

  • The freedom of being able to run the program, that is for any kind purpose known as (freedom 0)
  • The freedom to study about how the program performs its work, and also how it adapts to personal needs known as (freedom 1). For this freedom however, the Access to the software’s source code is a prior condition.
  • The freedom for redistributing the copies so that one is able help their neighbor known as (freedom 2)
  • The freedom to bring improvement of the program, and also release the same improvements to the public. This is to ensure that the whole community is able to benefits. Often known as (freedom 3). In this freedom too, the access to the source code is a precondition


Having the free Custom Software program is just like having a meal, and the recipe, thus the right to redistribute or even sell the meal as well as the right to make modifications the recipe and also the right to redistribute the version of the meal that has been modified.